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  USA Group, Incorporated is a full service consulting and processing organization that specializes in the administration of qualified defined contribution retirement plans.  
  In all of the business lines that USA Group is engaged, revenue is produced entirely from fees for services rendered. As a non-product entity – and unlike some other financial services organizations – USA Group passes all 12b(1) fees including investment or sub-custodial rebates back to the plan sponsor or its designated recipient.  

USA Group is a proactive service provider with a clear understanding that we serve at the pleasure of our clients, and that you have alternatives. To be the provider of choice, we need to be unique... and we are. You can literally speak with one of our people seven days a week. Throughout each business day, you can reach a knowledgeable professional during a twelve-hour period. And when the day begins, we turn off voice mail so that you can place one call and speak directly with us. What a concept!

  Every facet of the processing of client and fund data is under dual control. Our process includes following strict, written guidelines throughout the various balancing routines. Written processing notes are required to document any unusual activity, input or payroll issues/errors, or introduction of new plan features.

Each active or passive investment vehicle is balanced independently as well as in aggregate. Miscellaneous transactions, no matter how insignificant, are identified on a comprehensive reconciliation to the plan's assets as stand alone items. They are never netted together which obscures their unique identity.

At the conclusion of each accounting, every plan is sent through a quality control station where the entire process is revisited. Here, we aggressively review all of the routines followed by our professionals -- including the calculations and the written processing notes. This internal audit serves our clients well and is the final step prior to disseminating reports.
  By being proactive, knowledgeable and available, we are a reliable extension of your HR team. We promote and enhance your image with your employees through direct communication with plan participants, as well as by promptly responding to inquiries submitted by your office personnel or representatives. We believe in answering every telephone call directly which saves you time. And because of our disciplined and controlled processing structure, we reduce the cost of your annual outside plan audit. And that saves you money!

USA Group is driven by the unwavering commitment to our clients, the integrity of our reports, and our mission to add “value” to all relationships. Client auditors, accountants and attorneys throughout the United States, engaged on behalf of plan fiduciaries, hold USA Group in very high regard for the thoroughness and accuracy of our reports. These "influencers" are among our most enthusiastic and vocal admirers, and represent a significant source of new business.
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